Shopkeeper fights off gunman

November 27, 2017

A shopkeeper in St Ann fought out a gunman, forcing him to run leaving his weapon behind.

The incident took place on Saturday along Gordon Pennant Road, St Ann's Bay. According to the police, a man entered a shop and pulled a firearm from his waistband. A struggle ensued between the armed man and the shopkeeper during which the weapon fell, and the man allegedly ran. The firearm was later retrieved and handed over to the St Ann's Bay police.

The recovery of the gun was among 11 illegal weapons seized by the police over the weekend. The other guns were seized in Trelawny, St James, St Catherine, St Andrew, and St Elizabeth.

"We will continue to disarm these criminals and take them before the courts for prosecution," Commissioner of Police, George Quallo said. "I commend all the teams involved in their relentless efforts to rid our streets of illegal firearms and ammunition as we continue to serve, protect and reassure the law-abiding citizens of this great nation."




- Falmouth, Trelawny: Two guns seized.

A Millennium G2 Taurus 9mm pistol, a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol and nine 9mm rounds were seized.

No one was arrested in connection with this seizure.

- North Gully, Barnett Street in St James: One gun seized.

An assault rifle was found in debris, following the cleaning of a drain.

No one was arrested.

- Constant Spring, St Andrew: One gun seized.

Police on mobile patrol searched a vehicle and the weapon found.

The driver was taken into custody.

- Kensington, St Catherine: One gun seized.

A Bersa 9mm pistol with four 9mm rounds of ammunition.

- Gillette Street, St Catherine: One gun seized.

A .38 Smith and Wesson revolver with five 9mm rounds of ammunition.

- Tread Ways, St Catherine: One gun seized.

A 9mm pistol along with six rounds of ammunition were seized following an incident in which persons playing dominoes were robbed by armed men.

- Gordon Pennant Road, St Ann's Bay, St Ann: One gun seized.

Firearm retrieved and handed over to the St Ann's Bay police after shopkeeper fought off gunman.

- Black River, St Elizabeth: Two guns seized

A Uzi sub- machine gun with a magazine containing two 9mm rounds of ammunition and a Browning 9mm pistol with twenty-six 9mm rounds of ammunition were seized.

Man taken into custody.

- South Road, Kingston: One gun seized

A Taurus 9mm pistol holding sixteen 9mm rounds of ammunition and a holster were taken from a man.

One man arrested.

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