Cambridge terror - Gangsters drive fear in residents

November 28, 2017
The Cambridge Police Station

Cambridge is now at the mercy of gangsters aligned to notorious gangster Ryan 'Ratty' Peterkin, who have transformed the community into a criminal state within the state.

"A dem run things ... dem have illegal toll fi extort motorists ... . A dem govern de place," a resident, who has completely lost faith in the police, told the WESTERN STAR.

The gangsters, who are said to be responsible for the spate of murders that have been rocking Cambridge and the neighbouring community of Retreat, are reportedly armed with a variety of weapons, to include rifles.

"The best word to describe what is happening in Cambridge is anarchy," a resident told the WESTERN STAR. "You have these fellas walking around with guns and shooting people as they have a mind ... . This is like the wild, wild west."

The ugly state of affairs in Cambridge came to the fore last week when three women were shot and killed in two separate incidents, much to the chagrin of law-abiding citizen, who badly want to see the back of the marauding gangsters.




On Sunday, the minority leader of the St James Municipal Corporation, Councillor Michael Troupe, said Prime Minister Andrew Holness should scrap the zone of special operations (ZOSO) within the community of Mt Salem. He said that the resources should be spread across the entire parish of St James to stem the blood letting, especially now, with the festive season fast approaching.

Attempts to contact Troupe via telephone prove futile yesterday. However, the councillor used Facebook to express his disgust with the crime situation in St James.

"It was a sad moment this morning after visiting and talking to the families of the slain individuals in my division ... . It brought tears to my eyes. One lady lost two sons. I don't know what to say as no words can provide the needed comfort. I cry for my division. I cry for my extended family," the councillor for the Granville division wrote.

Meanwhile, like the residents, the police in Cambridge seem to have little faith in their capacity to effectively wage a war against the gangsters, who are seemingly unafraid of them.

"They open fire on us all the time. The vehicles with the bullet holes in them are out in the station yard as proof," a lawman told the WESTERN STAR. "The hierarchy know what is happening. It is for them to send in more police to deal with the situation."

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