Vox Pop: Why do you continue to reside in Goodwill?

November 28, 2017
Marland Vassell
Natalie Haughton
Britheny Hawthorne

Natalie Haughton, Housekeeper: "I stay here in Goodwill because it is a nice and safe place where we do not have a lot of crime being committed, like in places such as Montego Bay. I love my community because of the peace that we have."

Britheny Hawthorne, Student: "The community is welcoming and the people are helpful to each other. We deal with our problems in a peaceful manner instead of fighting it out, so we don't have a lot of violence."

Marland Vassell, Student: "I like that the area is very peaceful and the people are friendly. It is a very nice environment to grow children because of the absence of the negative influences you find in many other communities."

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