Crime rocks Stony Hill ... Second murder in four days

November 29, 2017
Akino Ming photo Members of Macada Reid's family were in a state of shock last Friday after she was gunned down in Airy Castle, Stony Hill.

The quiet community of Airy Castle in Stony Hill, St Andrew, has been rocked by a second murder in a few days. The latest victim is Ryan McLeod, otherwise called 'Duckie'.

Tosha Schwapp, councillor for the Stony Hall Division, said the community is saddened by the recent events.

"The mood is very sombre right now. It is tense, actually, when I went up there this morning (yesterday). I spoke with a family member and they are all in mourning. I do believe that we need to have the police come in and do more for the area. They need to do some serious work in the area," Schwapp said.

She told THE STAR that the police conduct patrol in the area but are limited in terms of resources.

"The Stony Hill Police Station has to cover a very large area so we need more resources. They need some vehicles and other stuff to cover the wide area," the councillor said.

The Star understands that McLeod was shot in his yard on Monday night. He was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. His death follows Macada Reid, who was shot and killed last Friday.

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