HIV-positive man wants to kill himself

November 29, 2017

Around 10 p.m. on Sunday Tom Francis*, 44, decided 'this is it'. He decided that the shame, scorn and neglect he has been living with since he contracted the deadly HIV had become unbearable.

He opened the bottle of poison he had purchased two months ago to take a drink, hoping to end his life and put an end to his suffering.

And so he penned a note to his mother and father stating: "I love you but I can't cope with living with HIV. It cost money because I have to have food to take the medication and no one helping me"

But he said as he was about to take that fateful drink, a voice told him to stop.

"I said I am going to call THE STAR tomorrow and if them don't answer then mi ago do it," Francis told THE STAR yesterday. "And when I get through I said maybe then someone will hear my story and try to help me."


begging to survive


Francis, who contracted the virus back in 2002, said he promised himself he would do everything to live a normal life.

"I take my medication every day because I get them for free," Francis said.

But when he lost his job earlier this year and had to resort to begging to survive, he realised that his promise might be a difficult one to keep.

He said: "My rent is $8,000 every month but because I am not working now, it difficult. Right now I owe the landlord. You see the medication, it bitter and you have to have food to take it because it will make you depressed. If you hungry and you take the medication it will make you pass out."

Francis said his doctor has asked him to do certain tests to ensure that the virus is not spreading in his body, but he has no money to pay for the tests.

He said that he has reached out to Jamaica Aids Support but they can only help with a meal.

Francis is asking anyone who may be able to assist him in finding employment as a maintenance worker to contact him at 891-4295.

"If I have a work where I can pay my bills and do things to occupy my mind then I won't be so depressed," Francis said.

* name changed

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