Vendor killed in May Pen Market

November 29, 2017
Buyers make their way to and from The May Pen Market

President of the May Pen Vendors Association, Lorraine Green Mason, said the death of vendor Charmaine Graham yesterday marked a sad day for them.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit said Graham, who resided in Chapleton in Clarendon, succumbed to the stab wounds she sustained in a squabble with a teenager during a robbery attempt in the May Pen Market.

She resisted and was stabbed multiple times.

"I am deeply moved. I am disgruntled. I am disheartened. It's a sad situation. It's a sad day for Jamaica," Green said.

Green also expressed anger at what she termed an "anti-vending situation."

According to Green, Graham was selling her goods at the side of the road but was forced to beat a hasty retreat into the market after she was approached by the municipal police.


"They were chased further down in a secluded area and that is when the gentleman preyed on her. It's a sad day. I have been begging for security for the persons within the market," Green said.

In a meeting with the mayor, the police and other stakeholders, Green said concerns about the lack of security in the market were raised.

"Seven days later and someone is dead because of inadequate security in the market," she said.

Though he expressed sadness at Graham's death, Mayor of May Pen, Winston Maragh, maintained that all vending must be done in the market and commended the municipal police on doing their jobs.

Green said the vendors are living in fear and many have foregone the opportunity to make further sales by leaving the market early.

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