Boy's foot crushed in freak accident

December 01, 2017
Damani Warren's foot was chushed while he juggled a football at his school.

Donna Graham is left puzzled as to how her 13-year-old son, Damani Warren's right foot managed to be crushed while he was in physical education class at his school last Friday.

Graham said she got a call from one of his teachers who said she should collect him at the school and take him to the doctor. "I told him that I have an appointment and I can't come now, but as soon as I got through, I would come."

However, she said the school arranged for her son to be taken to a medical facility.

She said as soon as she got to the medical facility, a member of the school's staff said that her Sabbath had started and left, and since then, she is yet to hear another word from anyone from the school.

"I believe it is negligence," Graham said.

"He needed stuff and I had to get it on my own," Graham, who is a single mother, explained.

"He said when him drop, the teacher was right there and he didn't take him up. Is him have to get up by himself and him struggle go to the nurse and he was yelling 'cause him foot mash up bad," the mother said.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that she finds it strange the way the injury occurred.

"Him seh him did a juggle the ball and it drop him and him foot lick up pon di ground, and him five toe dem mash up," she said.




Even more puzzling for her is that the school hasn't called her to explain how the incident happened or check up on him especially since he had missed three days of school.

"It surprising seh dem no call, 'cause di least likkle thing him do, dem woulda call," Graham said.

And after doctors operated on his foot on Friday, Graham said that her son, who plays for the school's Under-19 team as well as Duhaney Park Under-13 team, is concerned that he may not be able to play football again.

"Dem neva cut him foot, but dem stitch it up and put in some fake (toe)nail, but all him concern bout a if him ago play football again. That's all him ask bout and that's why me find it strange seh the school no follow up pon him, 'cause a just wah day yah dem carry him go buy some gear," she explained.

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