Gungo peas prices expected to increase

December 04, 2017
Shelled gungo peas ready for sale.
Alicia Barrett photo A vendor shells gungo peas in Coronation Market.

Christmas time is a nice time, a time when gungo peas and rice is a popular choice for Sunday dinner and a time when sorrel rules.

Coronation Market is where many people go to do their shopping for ground provisions and to get the ingredients to make that tasty rice and gungo peas.

As expected when Christmas gets close, the price of many food products will increase.

Gungo peas are no different. Many persons in Coronation Market are selling the peas for the same price while others deviate.
Steve told THE STAR that the normal price for a pound of gungo is $200.

Phyllis Davis sells hers in the same price range, but added "a the rain carry the price up. It a go come down in Christmas.”

But not everyone agrees with that sentiment. Kerry-Ann, another vendor, stated that at Christmas time, the price of gungo is more likely to increase because the demand is great.
“Dry and green gungo is $200 now, but later down like the week of the 20th or so, it might raise to bout $300 a pound,” she reasoned.
Stacy is selling her dried gungo for $250 a pound and added that the sales are not as good as last year.
“Dry gungo don’t sell as much as the green one. Me ago start sell the green one bout next week,” she said.
When asked what price she will sell it for, she added “me affi buy it first fi know how much fi sell it for.”


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