Funds being raised for ill Sally Porteous

December 05, 2017
Custos Rotulorum for Manchester, Sally Porteous.


A GoFundMe account has been started in a bid to raise funds to cover the medical expenses of the Custos of Manchester, Sally Porteous.

Porteous is said to be critically ill.

With a target of US$100,000 (J$12.6 million), a total of US$4,400 (J$554,000) has so far been raised from the donations of 33 persons in two days since the account was launched.

THE STAR gathers that she was hospitalised on Thursday after she took ill, while attending a meeting in Mandeville and was diagnosed with a ruptured aneurysm.

In the description on the GoFundMe page, it was noted that the surgery required isn't available in Jamaica, and that she urgently needs financial support to deal with medical expenses being incurred.

However, another update on the page suggested that an operation was done.

"The procedure is finished. It went very well. They coiled the big bleeding one ... the others not expected to progress. She will be in intensive care for 10 days and the hospital will be monitoring her carefully," it read.

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