Williamsfield, the birthplace of colourful leaders

December 05, 2017
Roger Clarke's grave in Glen Islay, Williamsfield, Westmoreland.
Roger Clarke
Dr. Karl Blythe

Despite being a quiet farming community, the district of Williamsfield in Westmoreland has much to be proud of as it has produced two former ministers of government and a former custos of the western parish.

"Williamsfield has always been a good community," said Paul Constantine, a young store owner who grew up in the community. "People live good, and you don't really hear about violence here. We always try to set a good example."

The community is the birth place and final resting place of former ministers Roger Clarke and Dr Karl Blythe. It is also the hometown of James 'Jim T' Thompson, a former custos of Westmoreland.

During the time of slavery in Jamaica, Williamsfield was one of the thriving sugar plantations in Westmoreland. However, within recent times, its influence in the sugar sector has waned.

Today, Williamsfield is all but as quiet as the proverbial church mouse. The community features several small shops and a health centre, which opens twice weekly. The residents are very watchful of strangers, but once an acquaintance, is made, they are usually quite helpful and open to discussions.

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