Police send protest warning

December 06, 2017
A policeman kicks away debris during last month's protest in Knightsville, St Thomas. Residents said they were fed up with the bad road conditions.

Following the planned demonstration in St Thomas last month, which shut down the parish for two days with roadblocks, the Police High Command is taking steps to prevent the same thing from happening again after a message prompting roadblocks in protest of the National Identification System (NIDS) started making the rounds on social media.




In a release, the Police High Command said: "The Police High Command has taken note of a message that is being circulated on social media by some persons. The message encourages members of the public to participate in "road blocks". The public is being reminded that blocking of roads is illegal and anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted for breaching the law.

While the public has a right to peaceful assembly, persons are reminded that this right comes with the possibility of not impeding or inconveniencing others.

A poster with the headline 'Roadblock' is being circulated online. It encourages people to come out today to protest NIDS.

The poster did not state where the protests will be taking place.

THE STAR tried unsuccessfully to reach out to the persons responsible for producing the message.

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