Halt in St Mary roadwork caused by rain - Mayor

December 07, 2017
The repair of roads in South East St Mary was a feature of the October 30 by-election in the constituency.
Mayor of Port Maria, Richard Creary.

Richard Creary, the councillor of the Richmond Division in the St Mary Municipal Corporation, has refuted claims by some members of his division that work to repair the road from Mount Regale to Seaton has been scrapped since the South East St Mary by-election on October 30.

Peeved by the suggestion that the roadwork may have been an election ploy, Creary, who is mayor of Port Maria, said that rains are to blame for the work stoppage.

"We cannot asphalt in the rain. It has nothing to do with work that started because of the election," Creary said.

A resident told THE STAR that shortly after the fiercely fought by-election, which was won by the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) Dr Norman Dunn, no work has been done on the road. "It look like it was an election ting because we nuh see nutten happen after that," the resident, who refused to give his name, said.

But Creary believes that the complaints are politically motivated. "This is mischief that is being made by operatives on the other side," Creary, who is a member of the JLP, said. "I have received calls from a few people also and I tell them that it is because of the rain."

Creary said that the money being used to repair the road was from money allocated to each councillor in the St Mary municipality.

"Every councillor at the parish council gets an allocation to do road repairs which totals $1.6 million. My last allocation I got, I think it was in August, I decided to do the Mount Regale to Seaton road," Creary said.

"We looked for the worst sections. We dug up those areas, we have marled it and rolled it, and since then, rain has been falling, so we cannot asphalt it," Creary said

"We have got another allocation, through Minister [Everald] Warmington, for another $2.3 million. We have not started that part of it at all," Creary said.

He said that as soon as contractors are satisfied that the rains have gone, work will be restarted.

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