Cabbies targeted by thieves

December 08, 2017

The throat of a taxi man was reportedly slashed on Wednesday night by criminals who robbed him of cash and his car in Portmore, St Catherine.

Egeton Newman, president of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), said that the attack is yet another indicator that the sector is under siege.

"We are urging sector members to be very vigilant in their operators and refrain from carrying strange persons at nights and communicate with other operators at all times," Newman said.

Taxi operators this week told THE WEEKEND STAR that women, posing as UWI students, have been asking for turn offs in order to rob drivers and passengers.

Raymond Bynes, president of the All-Island Unite Route Taxi Association, told THE WEEKEND STAR that drivers are always targeted by persons.

"Taxi drivers were always a target for unscrupulous persons and they always find different approaches to do their deeds. They use broken down vehicles, they pose as passengers, they even use women to help them," Bynes said.

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