Two girls for $200 - Man demands phone credit for access to females

December 08, 2017

A dating service is offering clients the chance to connect with men and women through video chat with the view of developing an intimate relationship.

A man, who told THE WEEKEND STAR that he goes by the name of Michael, said he is the owner of CJ Dating service. He said that persons who are seeking to meet persons through his assistance have to make payment in the form of phone credit.

"I give you di chance to connect with two females, and you give mi a $200 Flow or Digicel credit, and mi give yuh dem number," he said, explaining that phone credit is an easier form of payment than cash or bank transfers.

After one sends the credit to either of his cell phone numbers that are listed in advertisements which he has placed in the media, Michael says the first name of two persons and their contact numbers are then sent to the client.




Michael noted that he currently has five women all over 30 years old working with him.

"We just take the first name and phone number and yuh send di credit. Yuh call dem, and tell dem yuh get it from the dating service, and yuh tek it from there. You can ask dem if dem deh pon WhatsApp, and from there, yuh develop a conversation," he explained, noting that the parties can decide whether they speak through video or meet in a public place.

He is adamant that he has no intentions of tricking anyone.

"This a nuh no scam. Mi in di streets regular, so mi couldn't a scam nobody, " he said.

"Life is just a gamble cause me can't tek di chance fi give out the person number and then yuh nuh send di credit."

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