Hanover flouts building regulations

December 12, 2017
Marine litter at the edge of the Lucea bus park and the fishing beach.

Some residents and investors in Hanover could well be courting danger, as according to the Hanover Municipal Corporation (HMC), they are disregarding the building code requirements and putting up buildings without the requisite clearance.

At the corporation's Physical Planning and Environment Committee meeting last week, it was revealed that construction was being done on some four major hotels and 12 local residents within the parish without permits being granted.

A report tendered at the meeting by corporation's enforcement and compliance department stated that 12 notices to cease work were served across the parish for the month of November.




"We are seeking the assistance of the corporation to ensure that the necessary legal action be taken because based on observation, persons are paying scant regards to the 'cease work' notices served, and continue to build," the report stated." In order for us to get full compliance, legal action needs to be urgently taken."

For the 12 local notices served during November, one was in the Johnson Town area of Lucea, two in the Sandy Bay division, one in Riverside, five in the Hopewell division and three in the Chester Castle division.

The report pointed out that some 140 follow-up visits for previous notices served throughout the parish were also done during the month.

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