Man jobless after sexual attack

December 13, 2017

Three years after he left a manufacturing company because he was sexually harassed, Jon Brown* said he is still haunted by the ordeal and worse, cannot get a steady job.

"It (the incident) cause so much problem with mi family abroad, my family in Jamaica, and even at my shop, and it come een like I am going to lose it," he told THE STAR.

He said he decided to quit the job after a male manager touched him inappropriately.

"A supervisor called me to her office and when I went there, the manager was there and we had a conversation. When I was leaving, the manager touched me right here," he said pointing to the right side of his lower body.

He said he didn't hesitate to show his displeasure.

"I got real angry and that was when she (the supervisor) told me that he (the manager) was bisexual. Mi say: 'Don't do dem something deh, mi no involve inna dem type of life deh'," he said. "They were going to renew my contract and I told dem not to renew it, I am not interested."




He said persons at the company openly tried to convert employees to homosexuality, and the females were part of it as well.

"There was another incident, where I went to have lunch and they were watching homosexual porn on the TV in the canteen," he said.

However, he said that after he left the company, he protested about not receiving his last cheque.

"They begged me to come in and they videotaped what I had to say and it was disgusting and I couldn't even get to explain it how I wanted to explain. But I called names," he added.

Brown now believes he is being targeted by people aligned with his former employers.

"It uncomfortable when mi even walk inna corporate Jamaica people weh mi don't know seems to know me and me don't know dem," Brown told THE STAR.

He noted the he was even laid off from the institution he was working at the day after he protested about his treatment at his previous job.

Since then, he said it has been a struggle for him to keep a job.

He said that the continued media coverage of sexual assaults in the US has motivated him to come forward with his story, but "Is like me a relive it and it hard cause mi still no get over it," he said.

*name changed

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