Fake goods vendors cry foul

December 15, 2017
Counterfeit goods seized by the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime (C-TOC) Branch in April.


Some vendors in downtown Kingston are angry at the authorities who are targeting them for selling counterfeit products.

"The Government want run in and cease the people them goods. Weh me always a seh is that the goods them affi pass through Customs before it reach here. Dem wait til the people dem get them goods, and then dem run in pan di people dem," Beenie, a vendor, said.

According to the vendor, some Chinese merchants are making the fake shoes in their stores and selling them to consumers but the authorities are not targeting them.

"The Chinese wholesale dem a the problem. Dem wah come deal wid the man dem a way. Wah bout the Chiny man dem? "

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