Mentally ill man allegedly beaten at airport

December 15, 2017
Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.


A woman is alleging that her mentally ill brother was beaten by security guards at the Norman Manley International Airport last Friday.

Sharon Bloomfield said relatives in the US had been searching for him after he went missing from his home in New York on November 30, before he turned up in Jamaica.

"The next thing I get a call on Friday morning about after 10 that he is in Jamaica. Nobody neva know him and when dem call mi from the airport, dem ask mi if I know one Denis Willis and I said 'yes, he is my brother' and they said he is at the airport. I said to dem don't let him through because he has a mental illness," she explained.

After about half an hour, she said that she received another call that he was going to be placed in a taxi.

"I told dem to hold him or bring him to the police post and explain the situation to them for me," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But when she arrived at the airport, she found her brother bleeding.




"When I go up there the only thing that I hear dem say is that customs and immigration a run up and down and a look fi him because he is a citizen over there," she said. "I can't believe it because I just ask dem to bring him to the police station and next thing mi find him with blood all over him, three a him finger swell up and him face swell up."

She said his injuries were so extensive that he had to be admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies.

According to her, eyewitnesses said: "Security guards slap him up cah is like him guh inna di booth a try get some money and couldn't get none and him start resist."

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Alfred McDonald, senior director of commercial development and planning at the Airports Authority of Jamaica, he said that he had no knowledge of the incident, but would be investigating the matter.

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