Avoid home fires this Christmas

December 16, 2017
Fire destroyed this multi-family dwelling at Johns Lane in Kingston last week.

Householders are being urged to take steps to prevent fires by having their electrical wiring checked.

“Please ensure that if your house was wired over five years ago, you get a certified and licensed electrician to check the wiring to ensure everything is working as it should,” Emeleo Ebanks, acting assistant commissioner of the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) said

Ebanks said the JFB recognises that during the Christmas period, there is an increase in the consumption of electricity, which can cause fires if wiring is faulty.
He noted that there has been an increase in household fires over the past three years due to defective wiring.

“We have seen in 2014 where the residential fires amounted to 68. In 2015, that went up to 89, and in 2016, that went up to 128.  The sad reality is that a lot of times, we have persons dying from these fires,” he said.


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