Man, girlfriend beat his babymother - child hurt in fight

December 16, 2017

A man was remanded in custody when he appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday after it was alleged that he and his girlfriend beat the mother of his children, while she held an infant in her hands, injuring the child's right eye in the process.

Damion Martin was originally charged with unlawful wounding.

The court heard that the conflict started on November 7, after the complainant slapped a six-year-old daughter she has with Martin.

"She (the daughter) run inna di bathroom and I went in to get her and tell har fi get ready for school, and me slap her. She cry out and him come in deh, ask me why me lick har. He then turned around and hit me on my mouth with di tape measure and my mouth started to bleed," said the woman, who entered the courtroom with a baby who had plaster over the right eye.




Parish Judge Chester Crooks quizzed her on how the infant received the injuries.

"Is him cause it," she replied. The complainant said that one Saturday after Martin was arrested for hitting her in the mouth, she was confronted by him and his girlfriend.

"Him fight me and him woman tek stick lick me when I have the baby. When him a lick me, I have the baby and it ketch the baby. Me neva drop the baby or nothing," she explained.

Crooks ordered that Martin, who was also the father of the injured child, be remanded in custody until December 20, when the matter would be mentioned again.

"His rage is so much that they would attack her with the baby in her hand," Crooks said, while shaking his head in disbelief.

He noted that the only reason that Martin's girlfriend, who accompanied him to court, was not going to custody was because he did not have her file before him.

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