Man born on December 25 buns Christmas

December 18, 2017
Eddie Edwards was born on December 25, but he is not a fan of Christmas.


Despite being born on December 25, Eddie Edwards, who turns 69 on Christmas Day, is not a fan of the Yuletide season. "Mi no think nothing special bout Christmas Day ... dat a just my birthday," he told THE STAR.

"Mi no believe inna it as a special day because me is a man yah now, yu caan tell me say Christ born Christmas Day and at the same time yah crucify him," he reasoned.

Edwards, when asked if he is a Christian, said he believes in God. However, that was as far as he was prepared to go.

He said that people who know him are aware that he doesn't celebrate Christmas so they don't make remarks to him about it.

"Sometime mi daughter wi gi mi a surprise birthday party, that's all," he said.

He said that he does not only has a problem with Christmas, but also most of the religious celebrations that are observed by Christians.

"Good Friday too, mi no worship that either. How can a Friday be good when yuh crucify Christ? Mi nuh worship dem day deh. And yu see Valentine's Day, that worst cause yuh know weh dem say bout the man weh it name after."

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