Promoters must get permits - fire brigade

December 20, 2017


The Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) is calling on promoters and event planners to obtain a fire-safety permit to confirm the safety of venues being used to host events this holiday season.

"Persons who are hosting events, which could be a lot at Christmas, you must get a permit from the Jamaica Fire Brigade," said Emeleo Ebanks, acting assistant commissioner of the JFB.

He explained that the permit provides for the safety of patrons and the operators, as well as "for us to know about that event and where it is being held".




Ebanks said that he was alerted to situations where many promoters came and sought permits, and after getting them, returned and said that the events had been cancelled.

"So, we will not send persons to go out there and monitor this event, but the event still goes on. The operators who are doing these things, you must understand that you are putting lives at risk, you are putting yourselves at risk, and in the event that something happens, you will also be liable for a lawsuit," he added.

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