15-year-old shot in face for refusing relationship

December 22, 2017
Denise Hume's aunt was in complete shock after she found out her niece had been killed.
Police and members of the community were on the scene providing comfort for Denise Hume's aunt.
An aunt of Denise Humes had to be consoled by other residents.


Just days before Christmas, one family is mourning the death of a teenage girl who would be turning 16 years old next week Wednesday, after she was killed minutes before 3 p.m. at home in Seaview Gardens in St Andrew.

"Denise dead! Denise dead! Mi can't believe it. She really dead. A lie unuh a tell," said an aunt of 15-year-old Denise Hume, who was killed in a section of the community known as 'Nitty Gritty.'

As she wept, the aunt sought comfort in the arms of a policeman, who was on the scene, before falling to the ground. Soon after, she had to be carried away from the scene.

And as news spread of Hume's death, shocked residents who had gathered in the vicinity of Hume's home described her as 'nice girl.'




While some of them pondered what could have caused someone to shoot the student of Jose Marti High School in her forehead, others were brought to tears.

According to some residents, a man, who is suspected to have committed the act, did so because Hume told him that she did not want to be in a relationship with him. It is said that he is now on the run.

"No sah, mi can't face this. Mi can't live with this. A di woman best daughter dem kill. When everybody else couple up outside, she alone yuh nuh see out," one woman remarked.

Another resident said she heard a popping sound and thought it was a balloon, until the man was seen running from the house in which Hume lived.

Another of Hume's aunts, who resides overseas but was visiting Jamaica, reminisced on a trip that they made to the beach the day before and said she was making plans for her birthday.

"She ask me if mi still a carry her go Tracks and Records, and mi a run joke and say, 'me did tell yuh say me a carry yuh go Tracks and Records', and she say, 'nuh ramp with me enuh'," the aunt told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The Hunts Bay police are investigating.

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