Be careful on the road

December 22, 2017
This vehicle was badly damaged in an accident with the trailer truck along the Spur Tree main Road in Manchester in July.

The Road Safety Unit is appealing to motorists to reduce their speed on the nation's roads as the Yuletide season approaches. This appeal comes in light of the 312 persons killed since January, and 20 persons dying in 21 days so far this month.

"We are appealing to drivers to cut their speed and look out for vulnerable road users. Never overtake on a bend or at a junction or unnecessarily and never drive in a manner that will prove offensive to other road users," Director of the Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare, said.

He said that as the Christmas season approaches, persons, particularly motorists and pedestrians, should exercise greater care on the roads.

Of the 312 deaths from 285 fatal crashes, motorcyclists, pedestrians, passengers in private motor vehicles, and drivers of private motor vehicles account for 84 per cent of road users killed to date.

Statistics from the Unit also highlight that male deaths continue to outnumber female deaths on the nation's roads; of the 312, 265 were males and 47 were females. Hare added that the country did not meet the target of below 300, and there is projected to be an increase, which is worrying, as motorcyclists and pedestrians continue to be the leading categories of road users being killed.

"In order to have a peaceful Christmas season, road users must obey the rules of the road at all times. We cannot afford to lose anyone else in 2017. Slow down and save lives," he said.

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