Customers dwindle for hairstylists

December 23, 2017
Hairstylist Sudeen Young (standing) puts the finishing touches on a hairstyle she did for Velvetine Dufus on Princess Street on December 28, 2013.


From hairstyles which preen like peacock to fancy eyelash extensions, the intersection of Matthews Lane and Beckford Street in downtown Kingston is normally buzzing with excitement this time of the year as women flock the corner to embellish their beauty for the Christmas season.

But the lean economy seems to have crippled business this year, as some of the stylists complain that the number of clients they are getting has dwindled significantly.

"Is only two clients mi get from morning," one of the hairstylists told THE STAR yesterday. "Mi nuh know why people nah come out, but mi a hope that things will pick up."

Another stylist, who has been working on the corner for the past 15 years, said it is the slowest she has ever seen things.

"Bwoy, mi never see it like this yet, but mi come out cause mi will at least get some more money," the woman, who also sweeps streets for living, said.

They said that it's not the competition from some of the fancier salons with air-conditioned units that has been causing their numbers to be decreasing.

"Everybody know say a here so you a go get the best hairstyle, best nails and everything. So mi nuh think say a competition a cause it because we a the best," the stylist said, while grooming a woman's hair on the busy street.


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