The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Charity concert makes Shaggy's Christmas special

December 25, 2017


He has become so accustomed to giving back that he's willing to sacrifice spending time with family and friends this Christmas to ensure others are gifted when the new year rolls around. He is internationally renowned, Grammy award-winning artiste, Shaggy.

On January 6, he will be hosting the sixth anniversary of his biannual charity concert Shaggy and Friends. With only a mere weeks left before the big day, the entertainer will be channelling all his efforts into making sure all the plans fall into place for the event.

THE STAR caught up with the entertainer at the official launch of the event at the Bustamante Hospital for Children yesterday, where he revealed that he has no big plans for Christmas this year, save for those surrounding the concert.

"Christmas this year is all about Shaggy and Friends. There will be no Christmas parties, no nothing, just this," he said. "Every other year that we don't do Shaggy and Friends, I usually throw a massive party at my house for me and my friend dem."

He pointed out that it doesn't take too much to make his Christmas special.

"It doesn't take much for me to get excited. If me can get drunk with my friends and spend a couple hours just playing some old style dancehall music, singing on top of my voice and gwaan like idiot and eat and drink and celebrate, then that's all I would need. That would make my Christmas," he told THE STAR.

You would think not being able to spend the season with his closest friends and family would make the entertainer a little bit sad, but that was not the case as he expressed a satisfaction in being able to make others happy.

And even though the fruits of his labour won't manifest until after the Yuletide season, Shaggy says the joy that he gets each time someone's child benefits from the equipment purchased from funds raised at his event will make him missing out on Christmas for that year worthwhile.

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