The Christmas I will never forget - Danielle DI enjoyed Christmas with grandma

December 25, 2017
Danielle DI

For many persons, Christmas is a time of coming together and creating new memories with family members. For recording artiste Danielle DI, the season brings back wonderful memories of her now deceased Grandmother who would make it her duty to ensure that she had the best Christmas a child could ask for.

An emotional DI told THE WEEKEND STAR that as a child growing up, Christmas was always her favourite time of the year.

“When I was a little girl I was the youngest in the family at that time so the majority of the gifts under the tree would be mine. Our tradition, as a family, was to open up our gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve so I would be swimming in gifts on Christmas morning,” she recalled.

The artiste said her grandmother was an active part of the festivities.

“When my grandmother was alive, she would always be with us during Christmas and so that made it very memorable. Helping her to cook and then stuffing my face with favourite food was everything.”

Looking back at those years, Danielle DI says she now understands why her folks went all out for Christmas because in times like these when she’s asked to share her favourite memories, she has only good things to talk about.

And although she often gets emotional knowing some members of her family have passed away, Danielle DI  says she cherishes those feel-good Christmas moments that are forever etched in her mind.

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