The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Holidays brings back happy memories for Mattocks

December 25, 2017
Darren Mattocks

Growing up, Christmas was always a special time for Reggae Boy and Major League Soccer player Darren Mattocks.

"Usually as a child, it was always fun to walk on the mall with my friends. That was exciting for me," he told THE STAR.

The 27-year-old striker acknowledges that the period is a happy time for him, but he was not able to highlight one particular memory that stands out for him.

"I just enjoy the ambiance that comes with Christmas time and going out. But honestly, no Christmas really stands out because I usually did the same thing over and over again," he said.

And despite the flashy skills that he displays on the football field, Mattocks says that as an adult, he celebrates Christmas in a conservative fashion.

"I am not really a fancy person that will go all out for Christmas. I am more like a family and friend type of person," Mattocks said.

Although he plays professionally in the United States, Mattocks said he usually celebrates the Yuletide season in Jamaica and plans to do the same thing this year.

"We are probably going to have a party at my house, cook and have some family and friends over to eat, drink and talk about some of the memories," he told THE STAR.

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