The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Julian Robinson's baby boy lifted holiday spirit

December 25, 2017
Julian Robinson
Julian Robinson and his son, PJ.

Christmas 2014 will forever be etched in the mind of General Secretary of the People's National Party, Julian Robinson, as it was the first Christmas he celebrated with his three-year-old son, PJ.

"He was three months old at the time, and it was memorable because we [he and his wife, Mariame McIntosh Robinson] were just happy to have an addition to the family, someone else in the home," said Robinson, who is the member of parliament for South East St Andrew. "It brought a general happiness around."

According to Robinson, PJ, in all his innocence and freshness, brought out a lot of relatives for Christmas dinner that year.

"Christmas always brings the family together and is also special because my immediate family my father and my brother live away. So, it is always a time when everybody from abroad come home, but that year people were there because everybody wanted to see him and touch him and play with him," Robinson recalled. "That I would say made it extra special."

Robinson said that PJ has already gotten one of his Christmas gifts, a tricycle, that he whips around the Robinson house these days.

"I just bought one for him last week Friday, and he rides it every single day," Robinson said.

And during Robinson's childhood, he was also showered with gifts, and he said he will continue to do this with his son.

"My parents always made an effort to get stuff for us and also from my extended family," Robinson said.

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