The Christmas I Will Never Forget - 'Kickas' made Christmas mornings fun for Burger Man

December 25, 2017
Wesley 'Burger Man' Burger
The toddler was not amused when Burger Man played Santa.

As we get older, we tend to reminisce about the days when we were young and the things that we miss the most. 

Wesley ‘Burger Man’ Burger is no different. 

In the small chat with THE STAR, he stated that there is no one single event or thing that is most memorable about Christmas because it was all fun. 

“At Christmas time we used to haffi a work hard Christmas Eve and clean. Wi madda woulda have we a clean every crevice and corner. We tek dung curtain, we wash curtain, all a dem stuff deh,” he said.

As much as it sounded like a lot of work, Burger Man looked forward to these times as they were fun times for him as a child.

The radio personality also remembers getting the opportunity to watch ‘kickas’ (karate movies) at the end of the work day. 

“In the morning, we would get up early and go early morning mass, and then now we go Carib or Regal Theatre. The lines dem used to long. There was State, Carib and Regal. Those were the theatre of our choice so we woulda go watch kickas with Jackie Chan and dem man deh,” he said.

While the movies were fun, one of Burger Man's fondest memories was eating pot roast beef. 

“I don’t see anyone doing pot roast anymore. Mama roast the beef and slice it. Yuh nuh get dem sup'm deh again. We always look forward to Christmas dinner and the likkle things dem weh we used to get outta barrel more time — you call it old bruck. It did popular dem time deh. We woulda search and a look for what in deh could fit we. There was no one thing that I enjoyed at Christmas. When growing up, those were great times,” he told THE STAR.

Christmas is a time of giving and making people happy, and this was one of the reasons why he took the role of Santa Claus recently.

He believes that “whatever you do that gives persons a sense of joy, you also get fulfilment.”

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