The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Macka Diamond remembers Christmas trip with her son

December 25, 2017
Macka Diamond

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond says, like any other artiste, Christmas is usually her busiest time of the year.

She told THE STAR that during the festive season, her work obligations often take away from the time she gets to spend with family and friends.

One of her fondest Christmas memories includes her son, who now resides in Canada.

The entertainer told THE STAR that when her son was about five or six years old, she made the decision to have him go and live with her mother in Canada.

It was a hard decision but one she believes was made with her son's best interests at heart. She recalled her last Christmas with him, dubbing it a moment she will never forget.

"One of my best Christmas was when I was bringing my son to live in Canada with my mom and we ended up travelling on Christmas Day," she said. "He was always telling me, 'Mom, I want to see the snow', and it's almost like everything worked out that Christmas to make it the best for everybody. It hadn't snowed in that area for a couple of years well, and that particular year when I brought him, it snowed. So that was a very special year."

Her son is now 17 years old and she has not spent Christmas with him since, but she told THE STAR that although they haven't spent Christmas together in over 10 years, she knows that that last Christmas they were together was also very memorable for him, too.

"It was very emotional for us because I was bringing him up to stay and I was going to come back home without my son, so we had lots of fun and spent a whole lot of time together. It was great and that Christmas has stuck with all of us," she said. "Now, him keep asking me, 'Yuh not coming to spend Christmas?' But it always gets busy and me never get to visit around Christmas time. But I go see him other times. Me always go visit him for him birthday."

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