The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Mom nearly beat Floyd Green for wearing 'sticker earrings'

December 25, 2017
Floyd Green

Christmas 1996 was the first time Minister of State in the Education Ministry Floyd Green was allowed to stay out all night.

But a pair of sticker earrings almost immediately revoked that freedom, Green told THE STAR.

"That Christmas when I was about 14 years old, I got a little bit more freedom to go into the Town [Junction, St Elizabeth], and me and a group of teenagers were walking from shop to shop, and I can remember we decided to buy some sticker earrings that looked like jewellery," Green said.

But when Green ran out of money that night, he had to meet his mother and didn't remember to remove the shiny stickers from his ear lobes.

"My mother thought that I had gone and pierced my ears, and in one quick move, she pulled on the stickers, only to realise that it was not real and was only a sticker. If it wasn't a sticker, I am not sure how it would have ended," Green said.

According to Green, that year was also when he participated for the first time in a Christmas tradition in his community of Dunder Hill in St Elizabeth.

"We have a tradition in Dunder Hill where we walk from house to house and bring good tidings," Green said. "Everyone will put out a table with drinks, and everyone had to drink something from each house, and that was the first time I participated in that tradition."

He said that this tradition is still maintained in his community.

"Other communities used to do it, but a lot of them stopped, but we still have it," Green said.

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