Get the gift of a tightened vagina ... Doc offers holiday special

December 27, 2017

One doctor is encouraging, women to get their vaginas tightened during the festive season.

"It is woman empowerment. This will improve women's sexual health. This is for the women for them to feel better during sexual intercourse," gynaecologist Germaine Spencer, who operates in western Jamaica, told THE STAR.

Spencer said that the vagina tightening procedure is a good gift option this holiday season.

"The men will benefit, but it is about the women themselves. So it could be a gift to yourself, or the men can give it as a gift as well," said Spencer, who has a holiday special on the procedures.

Spencer, who has been offering the services in Jamaica since 2013, said that in the United States, the cost for the surgical tightening could be up to US$15,000. However, he declined to say how much he charges.




The doctor has, however, shared information about how the procedures are done. He said that the non-surgical method relies on the use of ultrasound technology. According to Spencer, this 15-minute procedure requires three treatments at least four weeks apart and a maintenance treatment at least once a year or twice a year depending on the patient's needs.

Spencer said that the surgical tightening of the vagina is a one-time procedure.

"It, basically, removes the excessive vaginal tissue, thereby creating a decrease in the size in the external and internal part of the vagina," Spencer said.

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