Infant dies from gunshot to the head

December 28, 2017

The parents of Nathan Newman, the four-year-old boy who reportedly killed himself on Boxing Day with his father's gun, are currently going through a series of counselling sessions to deal with the severe trauma of the tragic incident.

THE STAR understands that the father was not available to give the St Andrew South Police Division his account of what happened.

It is reported that on Tuesday, Nathan got hold of the firearm at home on Delamere Road in Waltham Park, Kingston.


Armed security guard


Relatives heard an explosion and rushed to investigate. It was discovered that the boy had been shot.

THE STAR learnt that the father works as an armed security guard at a security firm in the Corporate Area.

A woman who lives in the yard where the incident happened, gave her account of events. She said that the father was exercising at the doorway and could see inside his dwelling.

"Him never leave him (Nathan) unattended or anything like that," the woman, who only gave her name as Andrene, said. "And we were talking about a man who died earlier, and then mi hear the explosion and him run inside and go towards the gate, and before mi reach the gate, him say, 'Andrene, Nathan dead. Nathan gone'."

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