Spider named after Bob Marley

December 28, 2017
Bob Marley

A new species of spider has been discovered in Australia and it has been named after the late reggae legend Bob Marley.

According to an article obtained from http://www.ibtimes.com, the spider has been named Desis bobmarleyi because of its 'hairy' physical appearance, and also because explorers who discovered it were inspired to go on a hunt for new species through a Marley song.




"The song High Tide or Low Tide promotes love and friendship through all struggles of life," the authors said as they explained their choice in name in a Phys.org .

"It is his music that aided a field trip to Port Douglas in coastal Queensland, Australia, to collect spiders with a highly unique biology."

In their paper, published in the open access journal Evolutionary Systematics, the team of researchers from Queensland Museum and the University of Hamburg revealed that the Desis bobmarleyi has the unique feature of living underwater.

They use their web to build air chambers from silk. When the sea water recedes, they come out and do usual 'spider stuff' like hunting.

It is not uncommon for persons to name novelty items after the late singer. Last year, two new flavour of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream was named after two Marley's songs; One Love and Satisfy My Soul.

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