Woman loses only child in Christmas Eve blaze

December 28, 2017


Christmas will never be the same for Alexis Johnson, 30, who lost her only child in a dreadful fire in Middleton, St Thomas, on Christmas Eve, she told THE STAR.

Johnson's son, Michael Thompson, five, and 52-year-old Richard Williams perished in the blaze, which completely destroyed the three-apartment board house in which they lived.

Johnson, who works in Kingston, said that she and her sister were finishing up with work when they got the dreadful call that their home had been burnt flat to the ground.

"On my way to St Thomas, I called a friend to check if my son is OK, and they kept on crying, so I know something was wrong, and when I reach and I realise that my son and my stepdad [Williams] was in the fire, I just lost it and I passed out," she said.


Christmas spirit dampened


Johnson said that she had purchased a toy gun for her son's Christmas gift because he wanted to become a policeman.

"Normally, me and my neighbour exchange gifts and cook together and I get the gift and wrap it, and we had everything planned out for the holiday, but now, Christmas will never be the same again," Johnson said.

Joan Spencer, councillor for the Seaforth division in which Middleton falls, said that the incident dampened the Christmas spirit in the community.

"I haven't got a chance to talk to the family because I heard that they have moved to Kingston, but I don't even know what I would say to them because it is so sad," she said.

Spencer said that in the 19 years that she has been councillor, it was the most tragic event she had heard about.

"We had a fire many years ago, where two persons died, but this was worse because of the timing," Spencer said.

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