Bye, Bye 2017... Hello 2018

December 29, 2017
Sandy Adams
Denzil Barnett
Sheron Williams
Samantha Salmon
Damion Dwyer
Conroy James
Ornett Davis
Oneil Taylor
Tamisha Frankson

Last year, this time, many persons were busy making resolutions for the New Year, 2017. With the sun about to set on the year, one of the bloodiest in the country's history, THE WEEKEND STAR ventured into downtown Kingston to ask people how they feel about the old year and the extent to which they are looking forward to 2018.

BYE, BYE 2017

Oneil Taylor: 2017 proper, it turn up.

Tanya: 2017 good because me have life, but apart from that everything bad. Me glad it done. If it was a person, bwoi it would be a duty man.

Ornett Davis: It was a very challenging year, but I have to give God thanks. It almost gone and I'm looking forward to the future.

Conroy James: Bon Voyage. Me glad it done.

Damion Dwyer: It was a cool year. Me glad inna a way seh it done. I'm looking forward to a better change. Hope everything runs smooth for the New Year.

HELLO 2018

Sheron Williams: Me want crime done. Me want people fi love in unity and me hope everybody good.

Samantha Salmon: We nah no love. Wi fight too much. For 2018, I hope, we, as a people, start love and stop carry hate and hate in our heart. We need to forgive and we need to respect each other. The country need to cut down pan crime and if we do all these things it maybe can work.

Tamisha Frankson: Yes, I want the crime and violence to stop like everyone else, but as people on a whole, we need to unit. We need to stop the backbiting and the badmind. We need to help one another when they are in trouble and we need to start raising each others children so they become better.

Sandy Adams: Me woulda like PNP fi come back inna power in 2018. This yah government sloppy. It is the worst Christmas and a years me deh dung yah a work. PNP is always better, they get the job done.

Denzil Barnett: Every year it get rougher and rougher. We just have to role with the times. If the waves a push we just affi role with it and if the tide a carry we weh, we just need to settle and keep calm until it stop.. Nothing last forever, so even when we a look for better, we affi expect the worst. Me just a wait and see what 2018 ago bring. Either way, the aim a fi ride with the waves and make the best of it.


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