Woman slapped until she pees herself - court hears

December 30, 2017

A Kingston man, Kevin Jones, pleaded guilty yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to boxing his younger female cousin.

It is alleged that the beating was so hard, she peed on herself. Jones was charged for assault.

It is reported that on the day in question, Jones and the complainant got into a confrontation after he told her to walk away from an argument with another relative.

"Your honour, I was wrong about the punching and boxing but she never pee on herself," Jones said after presiding Judge Simone Wolfe- Reece asked him to explain why he did it. "She and somebody a argue at mi yard gate and mi tell her to stop and she just start to 'rail up'."




He said that the complainant also assaulted him in the ordeal, but he never reported it because the blows were soft.

"Is a girl so you know har lick dem naah go affect mi because mi a man," Jones explained.

"Yuh a man?" Judge Wolfe-Reece sarcastically asked. "Mi a boy then," Jones fired back.

He said that he was surprised his little cousin had taken the matter to the police because he was only trying to get her out of trouble.

"She even tell mi mother that she sorry say she carry it to the police," Jones pointed out.

He was sentenced to a fine of $25,000 or three months imprisonment.

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