Mother broken after burying son on birthday

January 03, 2018

While many persons around the world spent the last few weeks wishing each other Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, Nateisha Scott, a resident of Arnett Gardens, St Andrew, has found it hard to break through the cloud of darkness that has overshadowed her life since last July.

Nateisha's son, Mark Poyser, was stabbed to death in his community, allegedly by another boy from the community with whom he had a dispute.

"Me not even could a cook this Christmas. Me can't bear the pain," Scott said.

Her son was buried on what would have been his 17th birthday on September 17.

"Me son did really good. Probably if me did grow him rough, him would a still deh here," she said.

Scott said that since the incident, she has been unable to functional well, and as a vendor, she uses her work environment to keep herself above ground. With the help of her two remaining children, Scott hopes to pull through the grief that she is now experiencing.

"Sometimes me just sit down out here and a try keep myself from thinking about it. But it's really hard to do because every time I think about it, I just feel sad and want to cry. Me two daughters help me to cope," she said.

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