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January 03, 2018
In this 2010 photo, a woman takes a seat in the sun to get warm on Sutton Street in Kingston, as a cold front passed over Jamaica.

Water shortage hurts Spaldings

Despite recent heavy showers in areas served by the National Water Commission's (NWC's) two-meeting bridge water supply system at Alston in Clarendon, residents, schools, and business establishments in and around Spaldings are being affected by a shortage of water.

Several residents have complained that they have not been getting any water in their taps, and have been forced to purchase the precious commodity from private truckers at very high costs.

One resident told THE STAR that it has been costing his family more than $25,000 for a 4000-gallon load of water, which lasts about four weeks.

Several business establishments have also complained that they have been forced to purchase water from private truckers, which has been costing them similar sums.

Checks with the NWC to ascertain the reason for the water problem in the area revealed that the two-meeting bridge system at Alston has also been affected by electrical and mechanical problems.

Richard Azan, the Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, told The STAR that the pump has been put back into service, but was only putting out about 80 per cent of its capacity. He said some parts of Spaldings, including the hospital, are without water.


Policeman shot in buttocks

A policeman was shot in his buttocks by a female cop in the resort town of Ocho Rios, St Ann, on New Year's Day.

The cop was part of a team that intercepted a Toyota Probox motor car, which was being used to flee the scene of a murder that was committed at Little Dunn's River in the parish.

It is reported that the men who were travelling in the car got into a tussle with a policeman, forcing a female officer to fire two shots from her service weapon. One of the bullets hit her colleague in his buttocks. He was taken to hospital and later treated and released.

The men, one of whom is believed to have committed the murder, have been arrested.

Cold days ahead

A cold front, which is currently across the western Caribbean, is expected to move across the island today and linger in the vicinity of Jamaica for a few days.

As a result, expect periods of light to moderate, and at times heavy showers to occur across most parishes, especially eastern and northern ones, tomorrow through to the weekend. Additionally, expect windy conditions and cooler temperatures across the island beginning tomorrow.

Man beats up police, escapes custody 

A policeman was reportedly assaulted by a 50-year-old man whom he had arrested at a party. The incident happened at the Bamboo Ridge community in St Catherine on New Year's Day.

Reports from the Glengoffe police are that at about 4 a.m., a party was in session in the area when Leroy Fennel, otherwise called 'Daddy Ran', a salesman of Mount Industry, allegedly brandished a firearm and fired two gunshots.

The police said that Fennel was accosted and searched. One Glock 17 pistol with a magazine containing twelve 9 mm rounds of ammunition was found in his possession.

The police said that he escaped their custody while he was being transported to the police station. He was, however, recaptured and placed in jail.

He has been charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, and escaping police custody.

Gun found in Cassava Piece

Howard Sinclair, 32, a mechanic of Glen Drive, Cassava Piece, Kingston 8, was arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition on New Year's Eve.

Reports from the Hunts Bay police are that about about

10 p.m., the operations support team was on foot patrol on Glen Drive, St Andrew, on December 31, when a man was seen acting in a manner that arose their suspicions. He was accosted and searched, and the firearm and ammunition found. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Water woes hit Manchester

Several communities in Manchester will have to wait a few weeks before their regular water supply is restored.

The National Water Commission (NWC) said yesterday that due to mechanical challenges, customers served by the Victoria Town facility are currently experiencing a disruption in their water supply.

The affected areas include: Victoria Town, Queen Town, Pusey Hill, Campbell's Field, Cassava Piece, Pratville, Cross Keys, Restore, Smithfield, Grove Town, Warwick, Marlie Hill, Asia, and surrounding areas.

The NWC said that every effort is being made to resolve the challenges and restore water supply by Friday, January 19.



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