Cross-dressers rob men, leave them naked

January 04, 2018

Members of the Seymour Garden community and other surrounding areas in St Andrew have grown restive of a new trend where cross-dressers who frequent the areas are leaving their male victims naked and tied up after robbing them at gunpoint.

A representative from the Seymour Garden's Neighbourhood Watch said that late last week a man was robbed at gunpoint, stripped naked and left bound at the hands and feet.

"This happened last week Friday morning. He was robbed at gunpoint and stripped naked and tied up," the neighbourhood watchman who asked for anonymity said.

"There was another incident in September where an individual stopped to change a tyre and the same thing happened to him. He was robbed, stripped naked and tied up."




He said it is a new trend by the men who live in the gully.

"They are robbing, especially men, at gunpoint and stripping. We have heard of about four incidents, and we want to know what the police division is going to do about it," the neighbourhood watchman said.

He added: "They have been written to and proposal has been made to mesh the area, but to no avail."

In addition, he said that some affluent Jamaicans have been perpetuating the problem by providing the cross-dressers with money and other commodities.

"There are a lot of high society people who have been supplying them with food and clothes," he said.

A police sergeant attached to the Matilda's Corner Police Station, which is responsible for policing the area, said that while they have gotten numerous reports of robbery allegedly carried out by cross-dressers in the vicinity, there are no reports of any of the victims being stripped naked and left tied up.

However, the watchman pointed out that a lot of these incidents may have gone unreported because many of the victims are too embarrassed to come forward.

"A lot time it seem as if it is a transaction gone sour and the men are accused of being involved, but we have written to them about this and nothing has happened," the watchman said.

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