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January 04, 2018
Labour Minister Shahine Robinson gets a hug from Donald Thomas, a 22-year-old veteran of the farm work programme. The first group of 300 seasonal farm workers will leave for Canada tomorrow and Friday to take up employment opportunities under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme (SAWP). They will be employed in greenhouse crop production, food processing, tobacco-planting, vegetable farming and fruit tree cultivation.

Double murder in Red Hills

Red Hills, St Andrew, has recorded its first murder for the year following a shooting on Stanley Terrace, which claimed the life of two persons.

Police reports are that at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday, both persons were pounced on by unknown assailants travelling on motorcycles, who opened fire on them. They were taken to the hospital were they both were pronounced dead.

The victims has been identified as Winston Walters, a taxi operator from Stillwell Road, St Andrew, and Simone Colleymore, a businesswoman from the Red Hills community.

More than 500 bullets seized

Some $2 milion and more than 500 rounds of ammunition were seized on Sharp Avenue in Clarendon yesterday. Four men, including three Haitian nationals and a Jamaican, have been arrested.

The police said that between the hours of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and 1 a.m. yesterday, a search was conducted at a premises, during which 547 assorted rounds of ammunition was seize. The operation continued at a premises on Hazard Drive, where money amounting to J$1.8 million, US$401 and CDN$5 was found.

Taxi driver killed

The Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services has claimed that some 39 taxi operators were murdered last year.

The group also said that two taxi operators have been murdered this year. The latest victim is taxi driver Orlando Beckford, 39, of Glenmuir Housing Scheme, who was shot and killed by unknown assailants.

Beckford was operating on his taxi route - Hayes to May Pen - where he stopped to let off a passenger in the vicinity of Girls Town, when he was pounced upon and shot. He managed to drive closer to the Hayes police, where he was assisted to the Lionel Town Hospital and later pronounced dead.

Rocky Point barber murdered

Fitzroy Paul Joseph, a barber from Rocky Point, Clarendon, was shot and killed by unknown attackers on Tuesday night.

The victim was at his friend's house when gunmen kicked open the door and fired several shots, hitting him in the upper body.

Earlier in the day, about 1:15 p.m., 17-year-old Odane Baker, aka 'Omari', of Rhules Pen, was shot and killed by gunmen at Cemetery Road in Denbigh.

He was shot while riding his bicycle along the road in the community by an unknown attacker.

318 road deaths projected this year

The Road Safety Unit is projecting that 318 persons are expected die in crashes on the nation's road this year. Since the start of 2018, two persons have died. Some 320 persons died in road crashes last year, down from 379 the previous year.

The Road Safety Unit said that the main cause of the crashes last year were due to excessive speeding, disobeying traffic sign/signals, swerving, failure to keep left, and following too closely, or tailgating.

Kenute Hare, director of the unit, said the majority of our road crashes are related to bad driving practices and very poor judgement.

Gov't collects $600 million from ticket amnesty

More than $660 million has been collected through the traffic ticket amnesty which has been ongoing since last August.

Tax Administration Jamaica said it has collected approximately $71million in outstanding traffic fines and processed approximately 38,000 tickets since the start of the second phase of the amnesty on November 27.

The Government collected $590 million during the first phase of the ticket amnesty. Of that amount, $119 million was collected on the final day.

The Ministry of National Security has said that $2.2 billion was owed in outstanding traffic tickets The traffic ticket amnesty ends on January 13.

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