Thieves slaughter pregnant cows

January 04, 2018

St Catherine farmer Devon Grey is still counting his losses after thieves stole 12 of his 15 cows leaving him sad, bitter and bewildered.

Grey's discovery came after passers-by stumbled upon the entrails and heads of five of the slaughtered cattle yesterday. Three of the cows were heavily in-calf.

The unborn foetuses were thrown in bushes while the hoodlums made off with the carcases of the animals.

When THE STAR contacted the Guanoboa Vale police, it was confirmed that an intensive investigation is under way to bring those responsible for the theft to books.

It was also revealed that animal thieves have been preying on the hard work of a number of persons in the farming community.

"The value of these animals were estimated to be over $1 million, and it shows clearly that there must be a supply and demand arrangement for this great number of stolen cows. While the police remain vigilant, we hope that consumers are aware that meat stolen are not safe to be eaten," a senior police personnel said.

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