Taxi fears - Passengers scared to board cabs following abduction

January 05, 2018
Taxis line up waiting for passengers.
Taxi operators at a stand.

In the wake of an abduction last week, taxi drivers at the Naggo Head taxi stand in Portmore, St Catherine, said that passengers are reluctant to board taxis at this time.

It is reported that just last week, two girls were abducted and robbed by a man who was posing as a cabbie at the Naggo Head taxi stand.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that one of the girls jumped from the moving car, while the other was taken to Dyke Road where she was robbed of her belongings.

A taxi driver, who plies the Naggo Head to Hellshire route, said that even the popular taxi drivers on the route are taking a longer time to load their vehicles.

"If a woman come up and see a man inna your car, she not coming in there, even if it is a red plate," the taxi driver, who asked for anonymity, said.

He said that something needs to be done to stop the abductions in the area as it is affecting their businesses.




"At the end of the day, a we it affect, so we need to reap dem out," he said.

The taxi driver said that the incident, along with others in the past, have tainted the reputation of the taxi stand, and it is not deserving.

"A nuh taxi man a do them ting yah cause we know everybody on the taxi stand, and once a new car come everybody start look," he said. "Is normally some cris car pon the road blow him horn two times and people just jump inna it and nuh really a look."

Another taxi driver, who plies the Naggo Head to Spanish Town route, said that passengers should take some of the responsibility for what has happened.

"All a night time when people waa go home, dem just see car and jump inna and nuh care how you talk to people dem nah hear. Dem deh pon dem phone and nah pay attention, and when things happen them can't tell you what type of car or what colour car," the taxi driver said.

While stating that he has not gotten an official report of the abduction, commander for the St Catherine South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Clive Blair, promised to look into the matter.

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