Suspected drowning in Trelawny

January 08, 2018
Crime scene

Police are investigating whether heavy rains have led to the death of a woman in Trelawny.

Elizabeth Thompson, also known as 'Tully', is believed to have drowned while she was walking along the Barnstaple main road.

The Stewart Town police report that at about 2 p.m., Thompson, believed to be about 60, allegedly attempted to cross a body of water in a flooded area.

Residents said that she was unable to determine the depth of the water or how close she was to a gully.

They said she fell into the gully, got into difficulties and subsequently drowned.


Her body was discovered by residents who alerted the emergency services, who then retrieved the body.

Heavy rains over the past few days have left roads in St Ann, St Mary and Portland impassable.

Due to the build-up of water, a section of a wall in Runaway Bay in St Ann had to be broken to allow for the excess water to run off.

Also, the recently repaired bridge along the Discovery Bay to Brown's Town route in the parish also suffered some damage.

Commuters are concerned that if the rain continues, that section of the road could break away again forcing them to travel a longer way to reach their destination or to take two taxis, meaning a $50 fare increase.

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