Dumfries needs better roads, clean drains

January 09, 2018
Potholes like these are causing havoc for residents of Dumfries.

Among the myriad of problems plaguing residents of Dumfries, in St James, the bad state of the roads and poor drainage sit on top of the list.

"The road situation is very bad and it has been like this for many years," said Ann-Marie Cope, a resident of the community. "Them (the authorities) just patch up here and there, and not properly fixing the roads. We tired of it."

According to the people, the situation has gotten so bad in recent years that car and bus operators are refusing to turn off the main road, which is also in a deplorable state.

The situation has given birth to a thriving bike taxi business in the community.

"The road a mash up de bike dem same way," said Demario Scott, a bike taxi operator. "Every day we have to buy parts because nothing not lasting a long time on dem road yah. Tire not lasting no time, chains not lasting, right now my sprocket bad and it's the bad road that caused it."

For some residents, the clogged drains are their worst nightmare as, according to Faynel Taylor-Waite, who operates a shop in the community, she dreads when it rains because her shop regularly gets flooded out .

"When de rain fall a straight in here (her business place) de dirty water come flood out mi shop," said a frustrated Taylor-Waite. "Mi nuh believe things will ever get better unless dem clean the drains."

According to her, during the heavy downpour last November which left many businesses in downtown Montego Bay underwater, her shop and several homes suffered a similar fate.

"De residents dem clean out the drain dem not so long ago, but some patch work gwaan bout three months ago and dem (the workmen) block up everything and left it," she said. "So now, when it rains mi have to worry ... de people in Dumfries deserves better."

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