Heritage Centre opened in Southfield

January 09, 2018
The newly opened Southfield Heritage Centre.

The Southfield community in St Elizabeth is home to the Southfield Heritage Centre, a small museum that provides visitors with an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and view how people lived several generations ago.

The facility, which was officially opened last December, is the brainchild of proprietor Veronica Allen, who has lived in Jamaica for the past six years since her return from the United Kingdom.

"This centre is something I feel strongly about, because I feel that the younger generation is losing out a lot on their culture. This was the reason why I got together with my siblings and we decided that we wanted a heritage centre here in Southfield," said Allen.

Upon entering the museum, visitors can see several items on display to include old-model television sets, old flat irons and kerosene lamps, rotary-dial telephones, and other items which were in prominent use during the 1930s to 1960s.

"Southfield Centre will be a museum with 'old time sinting' artefacts. I also have a display on black innovators, and where I used to live in Redditch, Worcestershire in the United Kingdom, that area is also twinned with St Elizabeth, so there is a display reflecting the memories of Redditch as well," said Allen.

Although the centre has only been opened less than a month, the community feedback has been extremely positive.

"Most people felt there was a need for a centre like this. They felt it was much needed," said Allen.

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