Water woes in Southfield

January 09, 2018
In this 2008 photo, farmers in Southfield, St Elizabeth, on a farm in the area.

Residents of Southfield and surrounding communities in St Elizabeth are struggling with a lack of a consistent water supply, as they either have to rely on rainfall or buy water at high prices to fulfil their needs.

Although the area recently experienced significant amounts of rain, that is not enough for residents, who may only access the precious commodity once a month if it does not rain.

Daniel Levy, a resident of Munro district, said that the water woes extend from Southfield to as far as Treasure Beach.

"Between here and Treasure Beach, Junction, and Queensbury, water is a problem. A couple of areas had water running but most people have to buy water, and farmers have to spend between $200,000 and $300,000 for water," said Levy.

"During the dry time, we have a problem with water. If we had an irrigation system, the farming in the area would be bigger, and more people would be farming," Levy added.

Kiplain Lindo, a melon and zucchini farmer who lives in Southfield, said that the lack of water results in poor crop yields, which affects farmers' profits.

"Water is our major problem. Like how rain a fall now, we will be fine, but when it's dry you have to buy water, and you still lose the crop yield," said Lindo.

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