We're not silent on crime - pastors speak out

January 11, 2018
Karl Johnson

Clergymen say they will not entertain suggestions that the church is not doing its duty in helping to curb the crime monster. More than 40 persons have been murdered in just 11 days. Jamaica recorded 1,616 murders in 2017.

Several users on social media have called on the church to do more.

However, Rev Lenworth Anglin, head of the Umbrella Group of Churches, told THE STAR that for persons to suggest that the church is not doing enough is far from true.

"Without any restriction or reservation, that accusation is false. There is always need to do more, but the church has not been silent. We have been trying to do our part in stemming crime and violence," he said.

He also said that the church has been addressing the causes of crime.

Rev Karl Johnson said that he is not prepared to join the 'oral gymnastics' and instead called on Christians to say that things ought not to continue this way.




"I have called my denomination and fellow Christian community to consider a few options against the backdrop to say that it is not enough to say 'enough is enough', or have mass meetings of oral calls to God," he said.

Johnson, general secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union, told THE STAR that the church community must mobilise communities to take a stand against the 'informer fi dead' culture.

"We must tell what we know and help to create an apparatus to create information sharing without putting persons on a suicide path. Jamaica is too small for somebody not to know. The solution is beyond fixing the justice system. Not enough is being done at all levels, and from that perspective I will put up my hand to say I must tell what I know," he said.

The pastor also said that the latter stance may put his life and that of his family at risk.

"I must be willing to lose my life. Those who are Christians cannot allow ourselves to be fearful of death", Johnson outlined.

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