Woman loses court award

January 11, 2018

A rural St Andrew woman got the shock of her life after the Supreme Court told her husband that he should not give her $400,000, which she was expecting as compensation for a damaged house.

Natalie Ennis said that her husband, Lambert, agreed at the Dispute Resolution Foundation to pay the money after he pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to malicious destruction of property.

He had proportedly signed documents agreeing to pay $100,000 per month, over a period of four months, to his wife.

However, she did not get a red cent after the award was struck out after an appeal.

Clifton Campbell, one of the lawyers who represented Mr Ennis during the appeal, told THE STAR that: "the Court of Appeal ruled that the section under which he was charged, restitution could not be ordered".

Ennis told The STAR that she has been going to court for the past two years, and having heard that she will not be getting any compensation, she is now left confused and broken.

THE STAR attempted to get a comment from Mr Ennis but without success.

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